Can your Business Benefit from Automation?

Ever wondered what the biggest time-suck in your company is?

New research commissioned by the UK based Redwood Software found that 99% of organizations spend considerable time doing repetitive tasks with almost two thirds of respondents reported spending at least a quarter of their time doing so.
Let that sink for a minute!
99% of Companies waste considerable time doing repetitive tasks!
In the technology age, where I can see my food go from kitchen to my house in real time, can we not fix having to manually keep 6 copies of the same spreadsheet?
What is keeping your company from automating certain repetitive tasks?

Don’t know where to start.

The struggle is real folks. There is a plethora of automation software out there but the majority of them are complex, have a million features and in the majority of cases do not apply to what you are trying to do. Having too many options (information overload) is just as problematic as not having any. Sometimes the price is not right and sometimes is like trying to kill a house fly with a bazooka.

Have never thought of it.

Is automation even a thing? Surprisingly, in my poll I found this question a lot. Many executives or business owners didn’t even realize that automation was even possible on many of their tasks that they take for granted they need to spend 5-10 hours every week to complete. Or maybe, they never even asked the question.
I challenge my clients to ask themselves 2 questions that are important in automating and improving their processes
-“What would this look like if this was easy?”

-“Is this task something that I can define?”

An affirmative answer to these questions is usually a great indicator that many areas of your business can and should be automated saving the company a great deal of time. We have had great success with asking these questions and forcing our clients to envision how a process would look in a perfect world (if this was easy).

 Too Busy.

This is by far the most common and most ironic answer. When I ask executives why they haven’t gotten around to automating their processes they say they’re too busy. This is ironic because their reason they are busy is that they doing the task that should have been automated a long time ago! It is the companies that are “too busy” that will benefit the most from automation!
Ask yourself this question “If you don’t do this now, then when? Do you ever plan on being Less Busy”?

Too expensive

This is another popular crowd pleaser. Most people believe that their option is to either hire an expensive development company, or purchase some out-of-the-box automation software that most likely has a thousand features and they will need to hire another consulting company to integrate into their existing infrastructure.
You can actually have the best of both worlds. You can have a custom made software specifically designed for your needs. Clients continually tell me how surprised they were to see the total cost. Two of my clients actually switched from some overseas companies they were using as we were able to do it cheaper and faster.

Not ready yet

I have found this is usually translated “I don’t know where to start”. I think I can help you. Let’s schedule a free evaluation and we will discuss what areas you can automate and how designing some software that meet your business needs is faster, cheaper and more convenient than you think.
as a business owner or Executive you are trying to make every minute count. While wearing all the many hats, you should try to automate everything that is possible.
Remember, there is always a better way.
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